Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Call for Posts: How We Are Hungry, due June 1st

FemaleCSGradStudent Here.

I thought I'd take a moment to mention the theme for the June 1st carnival:

"How We Are Hungry."

Interpret it as you like. I'm looking forward to the posts.

And if you are looking for some good fiction, check out David Eggers book of short stories of the same name.

2009 Scientiae Past Hosts

Thank you, hosts for 2009!

January: acmegirl at Thesis - With Children
February: Pat at FairerScience
March: Liberal Arts Lady -- ANNIVERSARY EDITION :-)
April: Candid Engineer
May: Katherine Haxton at Endless Possibilities 2.0
June: Science Woman at Sciencewomen
July: Patchi at My Middle Years
August: Abel Pharmboy at Terra Sigillata
September: Academic at Journeys of an Academic
October: Mad Chemist Chick
November: Cherish at Faraday's Cage is where you put Schroedinger's Cat
December: Jokerine at Loveletters

Volunteer to host Scientiae

Hosting Scientiae

We're always looking for a few good hosts for Scientiae. If you're interested, then email us (email is in the sidebar) and we'll schedule you in, give you some hosting tips, and add you to the Scientiae Past Hosts list. Hope to hear from you soon!

Upcoming hosts
March: A Lady Scientist
April: Biochem Belle
May: Patchi
June: RocketScientista
July: Jane B
August: Mrs. Comet Hunter
September: Karina, Aspiring Ecologist
October: Podblack Cat
November: EcoGeoFemme
December: open

2007 Scientiae Past Hosts

Call for future hosts!

We're almost at the end of the list of folks who volunteered to host Scientiae way back when we started this gig - thank you so much to all those great hosts!

If you are interested in hosting Scientiae after FemaleCSGradStudent, please email me directly at skookumchick at gmail. Or leave a note in the comments here or at my blog. Thanks!

I'll try and update the Scientiae Blogrolls soon, sorry about the delay...

Scientiae #6 Now Up

at On Being a Scientist and a Woman. Enjoy and thanks for all the fish posts.

Last Call for Scientiae Posts

Get your posts in tonight or early tomorrow morning. I'll accept posts until 9 am Pacific Time Monday morning. Then I'll finish compiling and have the carnival for your reading pleasure bright and early Tuesday morning.

Remember, the theme is "Mothers and others, those who inspired us along the way." But posts on other topics are welcome as always.

And don't forget to call your mother and say thanks. Call your grandma too if you are lucky enough to have one.

Call for Posts: Scientiae Carnival #6 (May 15)

It's time once again to roll back those shirt sleeves, put down those experiments, dust off those laptops, and start writing for the next edition of Scientiae. In honor of Mother's Day, I'll say the theme is "mothers and others, women who have influenced us along the way." Of course, feel free to write about whatever you want. If you need instructions on how to submit a post, see here. The deadline to submit is the end of the day (your timezone) on Sunday, May 13th. That'll give me time to take my mom to brunch on Mother's Day and time to compile the carnival when I should be working on the 14th.

2008 Scientiae Past Hosts

The 5th Carnival is up


It's at Clarity, enjoy!

The next one will be on the 15th, hosted by Science Woman. Blog on...

Carnival Delayed

I have no Internet at home, so I am assembling this at work, between experiments, so sorry! It will be up by tonight.


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