Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

RIP Scientiae, 2007-2011

Dear loyal readers and subscribers,

Scientiae has had a good run, but I think it is time to retire this carnival, at least for now. We have had declining submissions over the last couple years, even when we moved from a monthly carnival to a quarterly one. So perhaps there is less need for Scientiae than when we started it in 2007? I'm not sure... probably more likely is that there are many more ways for women in science to share their stories and connect with each other than there were, for which I am truly grateful.

So, with great thanks to all the hosts who have hosted over the last 5 years, to all the people who have sent in posts to share their thoughts, stories, and conversations with a larger public, and to all those who have blogged about Scientiae, read about it, shared it with others, and generally supported it, I hereby declare the Scientiae Carnival closed. (If, in the future, someone comes across the blog and would like to revitalize it, do contact me (alicepawley at the gmail server) and we can see what we can do. :-) )

Thank you, all. It has been a good run.
Best wishes,


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