Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Call for logos

Lab Cat has issued a call for logo ideas and submissions. To wit:

We need a logo. So send ideas as you would submit a carnival entry with the same deadline of March 29 [Lab Cat's birthday (just in case you didn’t catch it last time)] and there may be a poll in the next edition of Scientae for the best one.

Personally I am thinking about something like the logo used by WAAT (women and adaptive technology):

Please send your ideas and submissions to Scientiaecarnival [a] gmail [dt] com. Thanks!


  1. FemaleCSGradStudent said...
    I've got a draft logo over at my site. Please take a look.
    jokerine said...
    I made one too.
    Steve No_ said...
    I ran short of illo time at work this week, and I'm leery of the Apr. 1 call for logo submissions ...due Mar. 29? I just wanted to reccomend a photo logo instead, of a woman in a grand chair lofted by similarly mineral-hammer and wired-up-flask-toting gals, which can be color ripped to make decent favicons and (svg) vector logos.

    As particulars, perhaps there is something which distinguishes this group from the various ones under SPIE, APS, AAAS, the locals (XX|XY City, whatever) groups....

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