Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Summer schedule and cleaning

Hello Scientiae readers!

I hope you're enjoying the great carnivals everyone has been hosting, and thanks so much to all the hosts and people who have submitted posts.

Beginning after the July 1 carnival (#9! Wow!), Scientiae will be going on a modified schedule. To try and get the number of posts up per carnival, and to make hosting a little less breathless and the carnival overall more sustainable, Scientiae will now be hosted once a month, at the beginning of each month.

If you're interested in hosting, please follow these instructions and I will set you up. We're currently accepting hosts for October, November and December.

If you're interested in submitting posts for the July 1 carnival, it will be hosted by Amelie of Amelie's Welt, and you can submit posts via these methods.

If you'd like to submit a logo for consideration, please see this post and submit by July 1. We will be voting over the month of July.

If you'd like your blog listed on the Scientiae blogroll, please follow these instructions.

Also, I haven't decided whether I should remove all past hosts' logins from the Scientiae permissions yet. If it disappears from your Blogger Dashboard sometime this summer, please don't take offense - I'm just trying to streamline things a bit. But I might just leave it. I think it's cool to have Scientiae show up under your Blogger Profile.

I think that's it. I'll be on vacation over the next few weeks, so don't worry if you email and you don't get a reply back right away. Happy summer!!


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