Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

August 1 carnival hosted by Twice

Twice has posted the following call for posts at her blog:

I'm excited to be hosting the August 1st Scientiae! A few people have been popping over from Amelie's, so I thought I'd give a heads up on the next month's carnival theme: balance. I would like this to be interpreted very broadly. Here are just a few suggestions, but please don't feel limited by them:

career/life balance
teaching/research/service balance
science outreach or mentoring/own research agenda balance
balancing what you want in a location/ what you want in a job
balancing liking your colleagues/ research support
couples balancing two careers
finding the right balance of characteristics in a research advisor

I'm inviting everyone to submit something from their archives as well as new posts. I know many of you have written fantastic posts on this issue already and I would love to be able to include them!

Be sure to get those posts in (via these methods) for a big summer blow-out carnival!

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  1. Ethan said...
    I like your blog, it’s always fun to come back and check what you have to tell us today.

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