Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

November Theme Announcement and Call for Posts

Hi there. My name is Yami; I live over at Green Gabbro. And now that the October edition of Scientiae is up, it's my turn to play host! Eek!

Stay calm. If the theme sucks, people can just ignore it and submit a post about whatever they've been thinking about lately. They won't throw tomatoes at you, it would ruin their computers. It will be awesome no matter what. Scientiae is always awesome. Also, the Internet loves you, because you're very witty and clever. Smoochies!

Your theme, should you choose to accept it, is talking to yourself. If you need a prompt, consider any or all of the following questions: What does your internal monologue sound like? Is it helpful, or harmful, or a mix of both? Does it feel gendered? Does it take gender into account? Does it feel gender-neutral but resonate suspiciously with the stories society tells us about gender? Do you have a little script you recite to yourself when you'd really rather be puking on someone's shoes? What about a script for when you write a recommendation letter, select nominees for an award, or other situations where your unconscious biases might come into play?

Wow, that's a lot of question marks. Fuck it, though, they're all fine pieces of punctuation.

Funny stories about the time your internal monologue accidentally became an external monologue are also welcome.

Finally... the past few Scientiae carnivals have been composed entirely of women's voices. While I think it's appropriate that women's voices should dominate the conversation about women's experiences, the job of thinking about gender in science belongs to everyone! I'd like to invite all you equality-minded men scientists to join the fun this time around - how do you talk to yourself about gender, and about your female colleagues?

Hey, look how well I resisted the temptation to make sarcastic remarks about the amount of time these ostensibly equality-minded men spend actually thinking about gender! Go me, I am totally fostering productive dialogue. strike-out jokes are a cheap trick, but cheap tricks built Dave Barry a career.

To submit a post to the carnival, please email the URL by October 29, 17:00 Pacific Time to scientiaecarnival [aaaaat] OR comment on this post with your post's URL, or leave a comment or trackback on the call for posts on Green Gabbro.

Do I want to fuck around with the Technorati tag method of gathering posts? No. No I don't. Email should be good enough.


  1. Am I a woman scientist? said...
    Yes, but some of us are too lazy to set up and maintain an anonymous yahoo or gmail email account... so consider this the lazy woman's way of anonymously contributing a blogpost.
    Yami McMoots said...
    Awesome. Thanks!
    Bill Hooker said...
    My whole blog is essentially me thinking out loud -- this and this is me thinking about gender in science.
    Dr. Shellie said...
    I took your suggestion to interpret the theme broadly... here's what I'm thinking about.
    Field Notes said...
    I took it broadly too - and wrote about helping students to study more effectively based on a few principles from good experimental science.

    I posted it today.
    hypoglycemiagirl said...
    Pat said...
    Hi Yami

    I sent you an e-mail earlier today but just in case

    my post is about "sitting in the bad girls row" aka why talk to yourself when you can talk to others
    Abel Pharmboy said...
    Here's my late submission; hope you can still use it:

    Thoughts About Gender in Science

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