Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Could you tell me a story before the superbowl?

Hi folks

I don't know if it is the cold, the snow, the dark, the primaries or just too much work (oh wait that's my life) but entries for this month's carnival have been a little thin. So I'm extending the deadline for your entries until Sat February 2 and then I'll do the write up while I watch the "Perfect Patriots" beat that other team. (My New York based sister and I haven't decided what our bet is; she already owes me a lobster from the last time the Pats and that other team played.)

So please tell me a story and send me the url to scientiaecarnival [a] gmail [dot] com. And please remember to tag your posts with the technorati tag "scientiae-carnival" (it's all there on Contributing to the Carnival).


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