Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Batsignal: Looking for a great host who can sub in immediately

The next intended host for Scientiae was going to be lost clown, but she has let me know she can't do it. So I'm looking for someone to take over the Dec 1 carnival IMMEDIATELY -- the call for posts needs to be submitted and then the carnival compiled to be published for Dec 1. Please please please if you can help, email Scientiae directly. I'll send you a hosting guide, and be happy to answer any questions you have.

I am also looking for hosts for 2009 -- if you'd like to host Scientiae, please also email Scientiae along with months that would be good for you and I'll do my best to coordinate.

Thanks to all volunteers, and particularly to someone who is willing to step in at the last minute for December...

Update: It's going to be ISIS! She volunteered first, and I'm psyched. Thanks to all the folks who volunteered at the last minute -- I'm going to follow up with you to see if you'd be willing to host some other month. THANKS again!!

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  1. podblack said...
    Hi, sent email.. if it's not too odd to offer twice!

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