Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Call for Posts - Sept 09

Hello hello hello. It's that time for another Scientiae. I'm sorry for showing up a bit late with the call for posts, but with another semester starting I had to get the summer tasks off my plate. Then I had to wait for the muse to strike for a quality theme for this month's Scientiae.

The theme this month: Inspiration or Desperation?

I have been thinking about office decorations as new people move into assorted spaces. Every office seems to be dominated by those people who put up cheesy positive slogans like "Teamwork: Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success - Henry Ford" which invariably seem to be balanced against the person posting a message designed to mock these things like "Teamwork: Share Victory, Share Defeat." Invariably, the semester start brings a time to reflect positively or sarcastically. Talk amongst yourselves and submit the posts in the usual fashion by Friday 4 Sept. The carnival will be my Labor Day gift to you.

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  1. CJ said...
    Hey sweetie -

    Deleted Universal Plume. My days as a blogger are over.

    Carry on, sister. Carry on.

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