Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Thank you, Scientiae hosts for 2009!

Happy New Year! We have successfully (finally :-) ) completed our 2009 year of carnivals. To wit:

January was hosted by acmegirl, and had the theme on opening and closing doors of one's career.

February was hosted by Pat at FairerScience and had as a theme "our dreams for a better, more equitable society."

March was hosted by Liberal Arts Lady, and had as a theme "role models of women making history."

April was hosted by Candid Engineer, and had as a theme "rising to the challenge."

May was hosted by Katherine Haxon at Endless Possibilities v2.0, and asked us to take a snapshot of ourselves in spring 2009 that we could look back on in a few years. (Part 1 and 2.)

June was hosted by ScienceWoman, and had "moving forward" as a theme.

July was hosted by Patchi at My Middle Years, and had as a theme "Mirror, mirror, on the wall..."

August was hosted by Abel Pharmboy at Terra Sigillata, and had as a theme "Summer days, driftin' away..."

September was hosted by Academic at Academic Crossroads, and had as a theme, "Inspiration or desperation?"

October was hosted by Mad Chemist Chick, and had as a theme, "The Road Not Taken."

November and December were rolled into one, co-hosted by Cherish and Jokerine, and was just posted here as a year-end carnival.

Thank you SO SO very much to all of our hosts, and to everyone who contributed a post to this year's set of carnivals. You form the community that so many of us need in the rest of our work -- thank you for writing out there as often as you do.

We now need to think about 2010. I'll write another post in the next day or two on this subject. For now, bask in the glow of a 11 awesome carnivals, and a whole host of fabulous bloggers who write about their experiences doing science, engineering, math, computer science, technology, and all the work that happens in-between. Thank you.


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