Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Call for November posts

I'm Ecogeofemme, and I'll be hosting the November carnival at The Happy Scientist.

Day after day on our blogs, we all write about the trials and triumphs of life in science. The guilt, the frustrations, the jackasses.  And the gratification, sense of importance, the pride.  But when you boil it all down, I wonder,

What is the best part of your job/life as a scientist, and what is the worst part?

How do these things motivate you?  Do the good parts function as a carrot and the bad parts a stick?  Or are the bad parts simply something you endure knowing that no job is perfect? 

As always, women and men both are encouraged to post for the carnival.  Of course if this theme don't leave you inspired, feel free to write about something else too.  And if you have something you'd like to share but you don't have a blog, I'll consider guest posts on my blog.  Get your posts in by midnight (American Samoa time) on October 31. I'll try to have the carnival post up by Wednesday, November 3.  Submit your posts in the usual way.


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