Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

September's Carnival

The theme for September's carnival is that favorite of all school teachers:

"My Summer Vacation".

Even for those not in education or with children, September means the end of summer so this Scientiae gives one more chance to look back over the summer to relive some enjoyable experiences, or assess how well we achieved our goals. Did we get everything done we had hoped? Did we have fun? Did any one go some where exotic or exciting?

You can write about anything to do with summer - for example, pick your best experience this year or talk about what summers and vacations mean to you in general. Feel free to use a post you have already posted; this year I have read some great summer vacation posts. As always, you are free to ignore the theme and write about anything to do with women in science and your posts will still be considered for Scientiae.

Please submit posts in the traditional manner by 8 am (EST) August 30th 2008. I am going to laboring over Scientiae over Labor Weekend [sorry couldn't resist] and I want it up by Sept 1 as I start teaching again Sept 2 [yah] and will not have any time after Labor Day.

I cannot wait to read your posts.

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