Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

March Scientiae

I will be hosting the March Scientiae Carnival here on March 1st. In honor of the Anniversary Edition of Scientiae and Women's History Month, the theme for March is

Role Models of Women Making History.

During Women's History Month we tend to look backward and acknowledge the hard work and suffering that got us where we are today. For a change, let's acknowledge history in the making and the motivations that make it possible. Who are your role models? Who first got you interested in your field, or opened new doors for you? Who inspires you on a daily basis and makes you believe in the future of science, technology, or the world? I suspect that for many of us our role models are our mentors, our peers, our fellow bloggers, or maybe even our students. I want to know who inspires Women in STEM in the modern age.

Feel free to be as general or specific as you desire, or write about something completely different. Send your submissions by midnight on February 28th. Complete instructions can be found here, and I'll be posting the Carnival on March 1st.


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