Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

April: Rising to the Challenge

There is something to be said for overcoming adversity, whether in a personal or professional setting. Despite the fact that we all moan and groan about the various challenges in our lives (okay, well at least I moan and groan), those very challenges are responsible for shaping us and giving us incredible confidence once we overcome them.

For example, this past year I have struggled like an absolute nutjob to fit into the crazy environment of my postdoc lab. It was an enormous change and a challenge that had me ready to throw in the towel, but eventually I adapted. And I now cannot believe how much better off I am. Successful research in two very different labs has opened my eyes to new and interesting ways to solve problems, collaborate, and go about the greater scientific circle. I am a richer scientist for having gone through such a difficult professional experience.

But my observations are nothing new. Years and years ago, Winston Churchill laid out this gem: "If you're going through hell, keep going." I think that we can all agree that good ol' Winston Churchill knew what he was talking about.

So with that, dear readers, I give you April's scientiae theme:

Tell us about that most firey fire through which you have had to walk in your scientific career. How did you overcome the challenge? Did you have help along the way, or was it a solo effort? And what did you learn? Why are you a better scientist given the difficulties that you have encountered?

And people, I need not remind you that your contributions will be posted at the home of candor itself, so please don't feel as if you need to pull any punches. Lay it all out there for us.

Instructions for submitting a post for the carnival can be found here. I will attempt to have the carnival up on April 1st, so email your posts no later than March 29th.


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