Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Let's try this again...

It looks like November's carnival was a little on the sparse side, so we're going to try again. Jokerine and myself (Cherish) will instead co-host the December carnival. Because of the holiday weekend, we're going to push off the deadline for the new carnival to December 14th so that we can publish it on the 15th.

This means that if you wrote a post for the November carnival, don't worry: your submission will be included in the December carnival. This also means that if you would like to write on the November topic (things about which you are thankful for in your work, what gets you through), you can still do that.

Alternatively, if you would like, Jokerine would like to see your 'wishlist': what is it you would like for yourself or others in STEM fields? Stories of cheer are also encouraged (and encouraging!). Jokerine may elaborate more on this shortly.

Please submit your posts in the usual manner. Don't forget the deadline is December 15th. We are looking forward to your submissions!


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