Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Call for first Quarter posts

Scientiae has moved to a quarter system this year, and the first carnival of 2011 will come out around the 20th of March (because I have been slow putting out the call and because I am actually having a few days off(!) around the 15th).

I'd like to encourage lots and lots of posts, so I'm going for a pretty general topic. A truism widely used in one of the fields my research area touches on (way to be vague?) is:

Change is the only constant

and I would like to invite posts on that theme. You might write about changes in your discipline (or in a discipline you like reading about!) since you first began studying it, or about changes in yourself since you began studying science/got your current job/since some arbitrary and personal date. What about changes in the experiences of women in science and as scientists? For example, I'm in my early 40s - and I really wish I'd ignored the advice at school and as an undergrad to not learn to touch-type. Women were told NOT to learn to type because 'you'll end up being treated like a secretary and expected to type up everyone's papers' - nowadays with word processors all academics pretty much do their own typing, and I would love to be able to type correctly (but have been typing badly long enough that I do it quickly and have failed in all attempts so far to unlearn and relearn. Maybe I should try a DVORAK keyboard?).

If you're really busy, why not identify an old post that fits the theme, and submit that? Or submit any piece of writing on your blog which you're proud of, carnivals thrive on variety!

Email your links to the scientiae carnival gmail address at or in comments here or at the scientiae blog


  1. Alyssa said...
    I did send an email, but here's mine!
    Ro from Earthdownunder said...
    I'm new to this carnival idea. I stumbled across the scientiae blog and have enjoyed the links.

    Here is my attempt
    Patchi said...
    Here is mine:

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