Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Call for posts: June Carnival

Inspiration is a necessary element to any satisfying career. But where do we find it? Is it in those who have come before us? The encouragement and confidence others give? The goals and dreams we have set for the future?
This quarter's Scientiae topic is Inspiring Women in STEM. Contribute your stories of historical or contemporary women in STEM who motivate you. Write about how individuals, male or female, STEM or not, who have encouraged and supported the careers and advancement of women in STEM. Share the things that help you stay focused on your goals as a woman in STEM. Offer anecdotes of how you are inspiring girls and women to get involved and stay involved in STEM.
As always, you can write a new post or pull one from your archives. And feel free to submit more than one!
By the way, we love to hear stories about inspiring women in STEM from non-female bloggers as well :)
The June Scientiae Carnival will be hosted by biochembelle at Ever On & On. Send your links to no later than Friday, June 17. biochembelle will post the roundup on or about June 20.
Happy writing!

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