Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Contributing to the carnival

The carnival is published on or around the 1st of each month.

Posts are welcome from women and men and everyone in between if they focus on the topic of the Carnival. In general, hosts have the editorial right to choose what are appropriate or inappropriate posts to include.

To submit posts to the carnival, please email the "permalink" URL of your post to scientiaecarnival [a] gmail [dt] com . (This is the main way we receive posts.)

Posts for the carnival should be written and submitted (unless the host says otherwise) 2 days before the carnival is due to be posted. That's full days, none of this 24 hr stuff. ;-) This is to give the hosts time to compile the carnival; late submissions may be included at the discretion of the host. (Some of us have dissertations and papers and grants to write... ;-) )



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