Scientiae Carnival

Scientiae Carnival

Welcome to Scientiae!

This is a blog carnival that compiles posts written about the broad topic of "women in STEM," (STEM=science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and may include posts:

  • stories about being a woman in STEM

  • exploring gender and STEM academia

  • living the scientific academic life as well as the rest of life

  • discussing how race, sexuality, age, nationality and other social categories intersect with the experience of being a woman in STEM

  • sharing feminist perspectives on science and technology

  • exploring feminist science and technology studies
  • Both men and women (and anyone in-between) are welcome to contribute to the carnival as long as the topics are relevant and respectful.

    Alerts to carnival posts will be posted at this website.

    For information about blog carnivals, read this.

    For information on how to submit a post to the carnival, see this page. With questions about this specific carnival, or to volunteer to host the carnival, email scientiaecarnival [a] gmail [dt] com.

    Welcome to the carnival, and enjoy reading!


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